Following up the release of his new single (Good Mood) in October 2017, Cris Kester published the official music video on Youtube.

"Good Mood is a song that describes positive possibilities in all negative challenges and circumstances with a wide view of God's covering over every trouble. And putting on that colorful mood all day.....," Cris said.

The video is set in the marketplace with people grooving and dancing to the rap song. It was directed by S.O.S, produced by Steve Rawd and mixed/mastered by Rocksking.

You can download the audio track here.

Verse 1

Today i’m gonna dance even though I don’t know how. I’m gonna smile even though my teeth all brown. I’m gonna do that stunt like a pro. Walk head high cause my God’s own the show Dribble every trouble,

I won’t give them Messi Like a new invention go ahead and test me… Go ahead and look so deep see my blessings. I hear God’s voice saying son you impress me… I got scars that testimony, I laugh all day like a good comedy. Bars that’s where I drop those lines, See those Godly flows that could bring in souls.

Wait a minutes, is today thanks giving? Cause I got to thank God for all that he has given. And my prayers doesn’t have to go over the roof Cause God is right here with me. Everything nice, everything beautiful, Everything great great great, everything wonderful. Help Is on the way,when ever you are feeling down. Just want you to know put. The smile and not the frown.