Senator Londel Benjamin Talks About Giving Up His Accounting Profession To Serve

(Screenshot / Turning Point Zone YouTube)

Londel Benjamin, a highly successful accountant, a respected leader in Antigua and Barbuda and an Evangelical Christian - who is not ashamed to share his faith was interviewed on Turning Point Zone by "Muyiwa Riversong"

On the programme, he was asked why gave up his prestigous banking and accounting profession to start serving the Antigua and Barbuda Community.

"It`s...I will call it divine intervention", he said........"in 2013, coming up to the general elections, the candidate for the Antigua Labor Party from my Constituency which is Rural West resigned her position with just about 9 months to go before the election."

He continued, "one day they called on me, because I have always been an activist in they called me and asked me if i would like to represent them in the upcoming general elections."

"I said Yes, I will take up the mantle, he answered.

Watch the full interview and more below:

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