Kirk Franklin Feels He Knows One Reason Why Millennials Are Leaving Church!!!

Kirk Franklin, the Gospel Artiste, winner of multiple awards with twelve Grammys who pushes gospel music boundaries to make "Jesus famous" feels he knows why the millennials are leaving church.

According to his Instagram post some days ago, "One of the reasons why I feel millennials are leaving the Church is because we showed them our scriptures without showing them our scars"

Of a truth, millennials don`t trust the church. They want transparency because they have observed hypocrisy, unethical practices and mismanagement of funds in the church.

Another concern is the application of the Bible by church leaders to events happening all around them. Millennials are asking questions, how do we navigate the issues in our lives?

Many Church leaders need to start paying attention to the spiritual and social needs of the millennials if we want them to be in church.

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