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UK female gospel singer, Nikki Seriki drop "Send Help" single

The songs of Nikki Seriki have been ministering to gospel listeners across the globe and touching the lives of many since 1989. The UK-based music minister has grown in her relationship with God and has been able to make decisions based on the experiences that have moulded her as a person and as a preacher of the gospel.

For many who might not know her, Nikki has been creating uplifting and inspiring music for the last few years, focusing on God as the core of her songs. As she sings, you will feel the waves of inspiration and soft tones reaching deep into your heart and filling you with hope for a better tomorrow.

There is no doubt that Nikki Seriki has a worship hit on her hands with her new single "Send Help", In a Twitter video release, she said..."so whatever situation or circumstance you are going through, I need you to remember, if you know how to call on the name of God, He knows how to answer - He (God) will send help."

You can stream the song on all major streaming platforms today.


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