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The Award-winning singer/songwriter Marizu releases his first single of the year, titled "Hallow"

There is nothing quite as soothing as Marizu's sweet-sounding tunes. His new release, 'Hallow,' is an interesting addition to his discography. The combination of Amapiano and Marizu's distinct vocals is bound to elicit glorious goosebumps as the lyrics reassure the listener that God's word is true.

In response to a question about the track, Marizu states,

“There’s no other person I can trust besides God. You can trust Him to be there for you in anything you might be going through. As long as you rely on God he’ll never let you down.

It is a colourful track about God's greatness and eternity originating from a place of reverence and thanksgiving.

The song "Stay Here" by Marizu won UKCC's Top Indie/Folk/Acoustic Song of July 2021 as well as the STEPFWD's Best Indie/Folk/Acoustic Song of the Year.

Marizu Ikechi Atuonwu penned and wrote the song, Manuel The Creator produced it, and Reverb mixed and mastered it in Lagos under the HFP Music label. Downloads and streaming of Hallow are now available.


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