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Sondae releases a new music album called "Amen"

The concepts of Sondae's new album were born out of tears, anxious thoughts, and even moments of depression during the recording process. According to the vibrant gospel music artist, his newly-released Amen album is a prayer. "God, You're wonderful and so good; all the glory belongs to You; I'm forever grateful for Your love because it amazes and surprises me every day. Thank you, God, for giving me the inspiration from above, and now that I give them all back to You in the form of worship, I ask You, Jesus, to bless my brothers and sisters as they listen to this album, and may their hearts worship You, lift You high and come to a place of intimacy with You, Lord. In the name of Jesus" However, Sondae continues to find refuge in Jesus Christ, who has watered him like a rose in a desert on a dry day. I pray that this song will touch your heart and bring you closer to heaven.

You can stream/download the album here:


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