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Oh My God! is the new single by J.Walker of TLD + Mitch Darrell

Everyone knows a version of the Jesus story. It’s been passed from generation to generation that he as a good man, who lived a long time ago, before being crucified.


While telling the story of the delicate carpenter from Bethlehem, the amount of physical and mental suffering Jesus went through is often forgotten about. It’s not often a newborn baby has to become a refugee because the King in his homeland wants him dead.

The song ‘Oh My God!’ aims to make the Jesus story more relatable to listeners and urge them to connect with what’s going on in the Biblical narrative. The opening phrases of the song ‘Not guilty, got no sin, dying, thirsty, torn off skin’ sets the tone instantly. Jesus had to deal with injustice in the way he was treated in the streets and in court despite having done nothing wrong.

He develops friendships with people who struggle to understand who he is as a person, before Judas betrays his friendship and loyalty. His cousin John the Baptist is

killed as Jesus is trying to run a ministry, adding to the chaos around him. Even in his final moments when he knows he is destined to suffer and die, he asks the disciples to keep watch, but instead they fall asleep. You can’t help but think, Oh My God!

Project Details

The project was produced by J.Walker of TLD and mixed by Calvin Venus who has worked with Pharell Williams, CHH pioneer The Ambassador and Adidas. The track features rapper Mitch Darrell who is one of the leaders of the new generation of CHH artists.


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