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Noël Mio and Kingdmusic team up to release a beautiful soulful track called "You’re the One"

Noël Mio, the authentic soulful writer, producer who is known for combining her lyrical depth with soft sounding melodies has paired up with Kingdmusic, the versatile multi-award-winning artist, song writer, worship leader to release a song that encapsulates the importance of a healthy relationship. One in which the pair expresses they have found in God.

The song is the ultimate capture of old school RnB meets alternative RnB, it is written in English and tells a story of how through the tough times they have learned that God is the one they need because he is good for them.

The song is a song of hope, and it references the old anthem Amazing Grace in expressing how relieved both parties are to have found and stayed in this relationship. The song will also be included in Kingdmusic’s upcoming album which is something to look forward to.


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