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New Single from Manor Collective‘Thank You, Sorry, Please’

Thank You, Sorry, Please’ is the fourth single from Manor Collective’s debut album project. Featuring Becca Folkes, Charlotte Kiwanuka, and Elle Limebear, the song is a fresh anthem for Easter, focusing on the themes of repentance and new life found in Christ.

Elle Limebear says “This is a song that reflects the salvation prayer. It’s a literal Thank You, Sorry and Please prayer put to a melody that we hope people can sing as they decide to give their life to Jesus.”

Manor Collective is made up of Becca Folkes, CalledOut Music, Charlotte Kiwanuka, Elle Limebear, Féz, Jonny Bird, Junior Garr, Myles Dhillon, Sarah Bird & Tertia May.

Founder, Myles Dhillon, says ‘We used to be strangers. We are different skin colours and cultures. We are writers, artists, and producers and most importantly we’re friends.‘ Manor Collective first got together at a big English Manor House, in the Hampshire countryside. They’ve been hanging out since then and making more music and getting to know each other better through it.


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