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New Peacock Film 'Praise This' Features Gospel Stars Jekalyn Carr and Koryn Hawthorne

In a world where the pursuit of fame and fortune reigns supreme, two gospel music powerhouses find themselves in the spotlight of a new Peacock original film. Jekalyn Carr and Koryn Hawthorne, both celebrated artists in their own right, join the cast of 'Praise This', a story about ambition, sacrifice, and the true meaning of praise.

The film centers around Sam, a young woman determined to make it big in the music industry, no matter what the cost. But when her father intervenes and uproots her from the familiar streets of Los Angeles to the unfamiliar terrain of Atlanta, Sam finds herself at odds with her new surroundings. It is not until she is forced to join her cousin's underdog praise team that she sees an opportunity to realize her dreams.

As Sam navigates the cutthroat world of music competition, she discovers that success comes at a high price. Along the way, she learns that praise is not about glory, but gratitude. In this captivating and bursting story, comedian Druski, GRAMMY-nominated hip hop sensation Quavo, and a star-studded cast join Jekalyn Carr and Koryn Hawthorne to deliver a powerful message of faith, determination, and perseverance.

Don't miss out on the chance to witness the electrifying performances of these gospel stars in 'Praise This', a film that will leave you perplexed and inspired.


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