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UK Afrogospel ambassador & MOBO nominee, Andrew Bello drop "New Level" EP

"Following the release of my new EP, I have received so much love and the feedback has been great. I am so grateful. Trust me, there is much more on the way and I look forward to sharing these with you all" - Andrew Bello

As a child, Andrew Bello lived in Nigeria, a region of West Africa where he was born and raised. At the tender age of four, he began singing for the first time. At the age of 15, he started singing with the choir in his church, and he soon became one of the lead singers for the young children's choir. With the release of his first single in 2008, he became one of the most talked about UK gospel music artists across the globe; since then, he has continued to rise with the release of chart-topping tunes, making him a household name. It is without a doubt that Andrew Bello continues to fly the flag of Afrogospel with his distinct and inimitable style in the UK music scene with the release of his fifteen minutes long 5-song EP titled "New Level".



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