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Licy-Be releases brand new single ‘Ways Pure’ ft Kingdmusic, Izzy and TYJ

Ways Pure’, a collaborative single that arose out of a school’s tour in Queensland

Australia for a Logan festival known as Light of The World. Licy-Be (New

Zealander), TYJ (Tongan) and Izzy (Australian) came together over a meal and

shared our deep conviction and desire to truly honour God with our lives. As we sat in

Licy Be’s lounge, we shared our faith journeys with each other, we prayed & read

the word as we began to write. We landed on a scripture in Psalms 119 talking

about how to keep our ways pure.

In a world that is full of sin and darkness, something deep in our spirit desires

desperately to pursue God during difficult times. It’s not easy keeping to His path,

and so this song was a heart cry to Lord to help us stay on the narrow path. With

scripture as the basis of our prayers, we wrote from our hearts, incorporating parts

of our own stories into the verses. We reached out to our friend Matias Ruiz

(Argentina) for production, who bought the song to life. Mixed and mastered by

Dave Darby, a New Zealand producer Licy has worked with for years. Everyone that

collaborated on this song has a deep conviction and love for Jesus, this was

extremely important to us considering the nature of this song.

We sat on this song for almost a year before reaching out to Kingdmusic, we felt his

heart and passion for the Lord would enable him to communicate the chorus in a

powerful and convicting way. We are all from different parts of the world, yet His

word remains the same for us all. To stay on the narrow path and keep our ways

pure we must hold fast to the word of God. His word endures through every

generation, every nationality, young or old, we all need to know Christ our saviour

and cling to His word. We hope this song would touch lives and stir up conviction in

the hearts of the listeners.


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