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  • Obashola

Kingdmusic`s new Amapiano version of "My Worship" enters the Spotify playlist

'My Worship - Amapiano', the new version of Kingdmusic's song, was unexpectedly released without announcing it to fans anywhere in advance.

In the short period of time that the song has been out, it has gained a great deal of attention. It has now become the first Christian/Gospel song to be added to the official 'AmaPiano Grooves' editorial playlist by Spotify.

This song 'My Worship - Amapiano' encourages the listener to have faith, even if it is a struggle to do so at times.

Everybody needs a little inspiration in their lives from time to time, and this is one of those moments. There will be times in life when things are tough, and we can all use a gentlel reminder like this to help us through.

It has a summer/dance vibe, which is what you'll love about the Amapino version! There is a link here to stream the song:


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