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Jovan Whyte Releases A New Song Of Victory - “You Win”

Jovan Whyte is a Christian Worship Artist and an ordained minister. He seeks to equip the church and the world with meaningful worship music to inspire people to experience life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ.

His latest song, "You Win", co-written with Kevin Winebarger, is a triumphal cry the Lord gave to him during a low period of his life during the Pandemic. He said, "The Lord reminded me that whatever battles I face with the devil and his adversaries, I can be assured that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will fight my battles."

With this song, Jovan wants to encourage believers worldwide to keep their heads up high and never lose faith; despite the trials, they must always lift their voices in victory to God. The Lord is still the King of Glory, and He will always be mighty and victorious in whatever battles we face; just let Him fight for you because He always wins."

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