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GTG Entertainment Presents: TKE3 and the New Drill Tape "The Maker & 3"

TKE3 is a rising Christian musician whose music is making waves all over the world. He has released a new drill tape, "The Maker & 3", that showcases his love and devotion to God, and his creative spiritual journey.

From the first beat to the last verse, you can hear TKE3's passion and commitment to his faith, as well as his exceptional musical talent. The lyrics are heartfelt, and the beats are dynamic, providing a sound that is both inspiring and entertaining.

With 6 tracks in the project, TKE3 has brought together a talented team of international collaborators, including Nigerian-based photographer cre8tive.god, UK-based producers Law1 and LegendB Stacks, and features from Nos, Akavelli, and Tomi Abdon. He has referred to the project as "intricately put together from production and mixing."

TKE3's music has already captured the attention of listeners from the US, Europe, and Africa, and he continues to grow his global following. His message of hope, inspiration, and faith is spreading, and he is making a difference in the lives of many.

If you're looking for music that speaks to the soul and inspires the heart, be sure to check out "The Maker & 3," by TKE3. This new drill tape is sure to be a blessing and a source of inspiration for you.

Connect with TKE3 on social media:

Instagram: TKE3Official

Snapchat: TKE3Music

Tik Tok: TKE3Official


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