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Graham Kendrick Features MOBO Winner, Lurine Cato In "The Darkness" Single

Songs are historical, captivating and can be transformative by lyrics. For so many young Christians that grew up listening to the renowned legend of UK gospel music, Graham Kendrick`s popular songs (Amazing Love, The Servant King and Shine Jesus Shine) know they are tunes that have inspired many listeners over the years and will be super excited to know that he`s celebrating his golden jubilee, yes, 50 years of active service in music ministry with a new song.

According to a Twitter release on Graham Kendrick Music`s page, the Northamptonshire born worshipper was referenced to have recruited the production services of Jake Issac and featured MOBO award-winner Lurine Cato on a new song called The Darkness (see the artwork above).

This is a piece of good news to our ears and the song dropped today.


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