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Gospel Music Takes the Grammy Stage: Maverick City Music & Tennessee State University Make History

(Getty images/Frazer Harrison)

The 2023 Grammy Awards have been a historic moment for gospel music, with Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin making waves as the first gospel artists to perform during the televised ceremony in 20 years. This year, the two continued to make history by taking home a total of four Grammy Awards for their exceptional work in the gospel and contemporary Christian music genre.

In the Best Gospel Performance/Song category, the award went to “Kingdom,” performed by Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin. The song, written by Kirk Franklin, Jonathan Jay, Chandler Moore, and Jacob Poole, was praised for its powerful message and soulful melodies. The award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance was given to “Fear is Not My Future,” featuring Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin, and written by Kirk Franklin, Nicole Hannel, Jonathan Jay, Brandon Lake, and Hannah Shackelford.

Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin dominated the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and Best Gospel Album categories as well, taking home the award for “Breathe” and “Kingdom Book One Deluxe” respectively. In the Best Roots Gospel Album category, Tennessee State University Marching Band made history as the first HBCU band to win a Grammy for their album “The Urban Hymnal.”

With so many talented artists and musicians nominated for these awards, it’s truly an honor for Maverick City Music, Kirk Franklin, and Tennessee State University Marching Band to come out on top. These wins serve as a testament to the exceptional talent, creativity, and passion that goes into creating gospel and contemporary Christian music, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these talented musicians.


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