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"Good Lord" Music Video: Lecrae and Andy Mineo Star in a Hilarious Krunk-fu Film - Watch Now!

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, it's always a good feeling to have someone or something to rely on. For Lecrae and Andy Mineo, that someone is the "Good Lord." Their new music video, directed by Nathan "Dust" Corrona and co-directed by Lecrae and Andy Mineo, is a comedy about two unlikely filmmakers who are trying to make a movie but end up creating a music video instead.

The lyrics of the song reflect the importance of having a good Lord in one's life. It serves as a reminder that even when things are not going well, there is always something to be grateful for. Whether it's a good job, a supportive partner, or just a positive outlook on life, having a "Good Lord" can help you overcome any obstacle and keep you going.

Fans of the Church Clothes mixtape series will be thrilled to hear that the deluxe edition, "Church Clothes 4: Dry Clean Only," will be released on February 24th. The mixtape features appearances from talented artists like D. Smoke, J. Paul, Torey D'Shaun, and more. Lecrae says that there was so much great music recorded for the mixtape that they decided to keep fans in their "Church Clothes" for a little longer.

The music video for "Good Lord" is a fresh and entertaining take on the theme of resilience and perseverance. The comedic element of the video adds to its charm and makes it an enjoyable watch for all audiences. It's a great reminder to always keep a positive outlook and to never give up, no matter how tough things get. So, don't take your "Church Clothes" off just yet, there's still more to come! Get ready to experience the power of faith, hope, and love in Lecrae and Andy Mineo's new video, "Good Lord."


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