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GATLofficial ft Idrees Oloyede and I.K.B Release Debut Album, "Trust+Pray"

GATLofficial released their debut album, 'Trust + Pray', on Friday, March 25th. This comes after three consistent single releases since December 25, 2021.

This is a Lo-Fi album/instrumental album, inspired by popular worship songs, hymns and self-written songs. The album features Tolu Oloyede who sang and played bass

on ‘Trust Without Borders’ which was released as a single in February 2022. The album also sees Isaac K. Busari (GALT’s in-house illustrator/designer), adding his smooth

vocals to the Lo-fi rendition of ‘Prayer Of A Broken Heart’ which he wrote in 2014.

Idrees and Isaac want the listeners to know that they are not alone on this ‘Trust + Pray’ journey. The desire is as people listen they will know that they too can be expressive in their response to God and be honest, vulnerable as they navigate their own ‘Trust + Pray’

voyage. The theme of Trust + Pray runs throughout the whole album with every song being about trusting in the Lord or encouraging the listener to pray out what is on their

hearts at any given moment.

Idrees and Isaac are not only excited for ears to be tuned in to this project but also for the listener to see and experience the visuals that accompany it. ‘Trust + Pray’ can be streamed and downloaded from online music platforms. The album title track is also live

on YouTube and can be downloaded here.

Idrees Oloyede of Divine Keys (Musician/Producer) and Isaac K. Busari (Graphic Designer & Illustrator) are combining resources to release music under the united name of GATLofficial which stands for Gospel According To LoFi. The main purpose of GATL is to provide Good Music, Good Vibes and Good News through everything that is created.


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