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"Embracing Diversity: The Antigua Barbuda Gospel Music and Media Awards 2023 Celebrate Love for All"

The Antigua Barbuda Gospel Music and Media Awards (ABGMA) is back for its ninth year, and this time, the theme is "GO!" Inspired by the scripture in Matthew 28: 18-20, the founder, Apostle Stanshaw Cornelius, explained that the theme is all about going into the world and taking off limits. With the theme of "GO!", the ABGMA is embracing everyone, regardless of where they come from or their culture.

Cornelius hopes that this year's ceremony will be the best one yet. Despite the highs and lows of previous years, she is confident that they will be able to execute the event the way she always envisioned it, even if they don't have the perfect venue.

The ABGMA awards have various categories, including local and international gospel artists, radio stations, radio shows, digital magazines, and news outlets. Honorary awards are also up for grabs, including the Legacy Award, Impact Award, Global Humanitarian Award, and National Humanitarian Award. The Legacy Award is not only for entertainment personalities; it is also open to professionals and community service individuals who have been in their field for a minimum of ten years.

The media awards have been broadcast on Caribbean Gospel TV and over 30 networks, including Tempo on the Caribbean African American Gospel (CAAG) Countdown Show hosted by 2022 ABGMA winner Orlando "Landlord" Miller, a Bahamian artist.

Cornelius is one of the international co-hosts for CAAG, where she had the honor of introducing the music awards segment. The ABGMA's vision is to become one of the leading gospel music and multimedia awards in the Caribbean, drawing people from all nations to celebrate the best in music, media, film, and more.

So if you want to be part of the ABGMA, now's your chance to nominate your favorite local or international gospel artists, radio shows, digital magazines, and news outlets. The deadline for nominations is on February 28. The ABGMA team is looking forward to seeing all the nominations and, hopefully, meeting you at the event on November 4 and 5. Let's GO! and celebrate the best in gospel music and media.

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