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"Discover TKE3's Uplifting New Single 'Precious': A Call to Agape Love"

In a world full of love songs, TKE3’s latest release ‘Precious’ offers something different. Released just a few days after Valentine's Day on February 17th, this track doesn't focus on romantic love or the bond between friends and family. Instead, it centers on agape love, the love of God, which is giving, expressive, and protective.

‘Precious’ serves as a call to salvation for anyone in search of a safe haven. TKE3's lyrics remind us that Jesus is the one who saves, and we are precious to him. The track is a powerful expression of faith, and its message is just as beautiful as TKE3's vocals, which are nothing short of spectacular. The production by LAW1 is equally impressive, adding a perfect touch to the track.

If you're looking for a new track that is a bit different, ‘Precious’ is a must-listen. It's a reminder that there's more to love than just romance or familial connections. It's a reminder of the agape love that can serve as a safe haven in a world that can be all too unforgiving. Don't miss out on this release, and be sure to add it to your playlist.

To listen to ‘Precious,’ you can download it on all major music platforms via this link: We promise you won't be disappointed!


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