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Cheryl Wills new book puts a spotlight on female artists who pioneered gospel music

“It is my honor to shine a spotlight on the legacy of these extraordinary women who elevated gospel music, each in her own way. "They didn’t just sing a song, they left an indelible mark” said Author Cheryl Wills in her newly published 240-page book (Isn’t Her Grace Amazing!: The Women Who Changed Gospel Music) as she captures and celebrates the women who changed gospel music.

There is no doubt that gospel music has been greatly influenced by women, and this book is the definitive place to track that. Using her profound storytelling and investigative skills, Cheryl Wills shines light on twenty five female gospel music artists who did not give up despite difficulties and trials. There have been stories about how churches and families have repressed women in gospel music.

"Some talented performers, like Sister Rosetta Tharpe have faded from history, while singers like Yolanda Adams are at the top of their game. During the twentieth century, Willie Mae Ford spent most of her life encouraging and uplifting Christians both in church and on stage and composed more than 100 Gospel songs, yet it was men like her co-writer, Thomas A. Dorsey, who received the accolades and fame. Many women in the Gospel music industry go unnoticed, unpaid, and under-appreciated for their contributions, yet it is these women who are often the bedrock for songwriting, arranging, directing, and developing singers".

Furthermore, we are also familiar with the fact that many women in faith music experimented with other genres of music. They subsequently lost their way in the recording industry, and were subsequently honored. It is possible that readers will feel that their beloved female gospel musicians were left out in the book. It just means there is no shortage of talent, and hopefully we expect to see more names added in a sequel.


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