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CalledOut Music pours out heart in new emotive single - Worst Days

Following his ground-breaking album, “My Beautiful Reality”, this is a new, yet pleasantly familiar side of the multifaceted artist. ‘Worst Days’ is released under HFP Music; written and produced by CalledOut Music and is available on your preferred streaming platform from the 27th of January, 2023. CalledOut Music has over the years become a symbol of hope and this new single reminds us exactly why.

‘Worst Days’ is a relaxed acoustic expression of the artist's heart, declaring his firm assurance in the constancy of God’s love. Using emotive lyrics we can all relate to, CalledOut Music brings something quite genuine and human to the table. This soft-as-a-cloud single is a tune anyone can crawl into on overwhelming days.

Reminiscing on how this song came to be, CalledOut Music says, “Worst Days’ is a song I wrote when I got home at the end of a really bad day. Inspired by Ephesians 3 verses 17 to 18, I found comfort in writing my heart out to God. There are days where it feels like I’m not doing all I should be doing in my walk with God. As believers we may not have it all figured out; we will have imperfect days that make us question everything. This track is for the believer that feels condemned or unworthy; I hope this reminds us to lean into God’s abundant love and live from that place. We couldn’t earn His love, because we already have it. All we need to do is bask in that love and LIVE!”

CalledOut Music has announced his live concert in London in March of 2023 and tickets are selling out fast. It promises to be a night to remember.

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