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British Gospel artist Beverley Moore Returns with a new song 'Zion'

Beverley Moore is a singer and songwriter who resides in the United Kingdom, popularly known for her hit songs titled: "No other friend like Jesus" and "Jesus has been this way before". She is a devoted Christian, an anointed minister in worship songs and has led churches as a worship leader with many testimonies of life-changing experiences from the audience. She is pleased to announce the release of her recent single titled “Zion”- a song birthed from a place of prayer.

Zion is a song of deliverance and liberation. A song that speaks of the miracles from God which cannot hide, miracles that the people do not expect will ever happen to them, and suddenly, there is a deliverance that announces the greatness of God. For example, a woman who has been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for years but can bear children is a miracle that announces itself for everyone to see.

The song titled Zion is here to remind people of what God can do and has already done. A celebration of divine lifting and total deliverance to move the people into singing Hosanna, shouting Halleluyah and dancing to the rock of their salvation.

Production Credit

Producer: Emmanuel Abiola

Mix and Master: Alan Bradshaw

Artwork: Rich Mitch Production

Promotions: Feed’Em Music Group


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