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"Bring Joy to your morning with Ché Sampson's Break Of Day Album"

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

South-West London artist Ché Sampson has just released her highly anticipated album, "Break Of Day," and it is clear from the first line that this project is deeply meaningful to her. The opening track begins with a spoken-word passage that sets the tone for the entire album: "Joy comes in the morning, though I may not sleep at night."

The heart of Break Of Day is to normalize the negative thoughts and anxieties that both believers and non-believers may be experiencing. Ché Sampson offers comfort, peace, and reassurance through her faith and music, and as she sings, "My mission is to create music that builds people’s faith and their confidence, and that helps them to have a closer walk with Christ. It is no coincidence that these are the exact things that I also need on a daily basis."

Ché Sampson is transparent and vulnerable in her songwriting, documenting the challenges she has faced and the joy that God has offered in response. As she states, "When I first started making music, it was purely as a form of communication to comfort myself. It took me a while to develop the confidence to share it with others."

With her background in creative arts and work in children`s mental health, Ché Sampson brings a unique and soothing sound to her music. The lead single from the album, "Believe," serves as a reminder to trust in God's plan rather than depending on our anxious thoughts. The peaceful atmosphere of the song is evident throughout the entire album, as Ché Sampson's soulful vocals transition from tender ballads to upbeat, R&B-infused tracks.

After four years of writing and honing each song on Break Of Day, Ché Sampson has kept her motto at the forefront of her mind: "I want my music to heal, free and build listeners' faith in God." The result is a cohesive and clear message, inviting all to come to Christ just as they are and highlighting how spending time with Him will renew the heart and mind. As Ché Sampson says, "Break Of Day embodies this removal of all barriers, concerns and any sense of inferiority. All are invited to pull up a chair and enjoy my debut album, Break Of Day, just as all are welcomed with open arms into God's presence."

In conclusion, Ché Sampson's Break Of Day is a must-listen for anyone looking for comfort, peace, and reassurance through faith and music. With her soulful vocals and soothing sound, Ché Sampson delivers a powerful message of hope and healing to all who listen.


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