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Asha Elia releases new single ‘New Me’

Soon after the announcement of her signing to HFP Music, our excitement has reached yet another new high. On March 11th, Asha Elia released a brand new single titled New Me. A perfect way, we think, to kick-start this new journey with her label.

According to Asha, it’s a song about being a new creation. “About two or three years ago, I came to the realization of what it means to be a new creation and it really changed everything for me. It really allowed me to walk in my faith a lot more confidently. A lot of people don’t understand the beauty of being a new creation. We need to start walking like new beings and own it; rather than begging to be in our rightful place.”

“Although I have a lot more to learn, I don’t care what version of myself people have seen in the past; I am a new creation.” Asha Elia

Asha Elia is an award-winning gospel RnB singer/songwriter based in London, UK. With her distinct sound and scintillating energy, she is making great strides in the RnB and Afrobeats gospel scene. This new single is founded on the revelation that we are completely changed the moment we meet Christ. With its dewy vocals, reposeful rhythms and lavish lyrics, ‘New Me’ transports you to a happy and confident place - a place where all things seem to speak forth the praise of God. It’s a refreshing personal reminder that God has created something entirely brand new and unique from what we once were.

With her unique sound and a positive aura that her fans adore around the world, Asha is well on her way to taking her music and influence around the globe. We are excited to see where this new journey takes her. This single, released under HFP Music, written by Asha Elia and produced by Andre Fisher, is available for streaming and download on all digital platforms.


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