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"All Bout Christ" - Listen Now On Apple Music | Spotify| Deezer| Amazon Music

All Bout Christ is a group consisting of Warren King, Amanda Plummer, Matthew Dadson, Sharlene Hector, Melanie Burgess, Carolyn Henry and LaDonna Harley Peters. The group evolved in its membership over the period of its existence.

In 2009, All Bout Christ signed with Zoe Records, where they released three albums as well as recorded a “Live In London” album. The live recording was never released because they called it quits as a group shortly after they performed live.

Warren King, who was the lead vocalist is now a producer, writer and composer. He also studied to become a Medical Doctor. The various members of the group have gone on to do great things. Undoubtedly, singers in this group have been some of the greatest voices in UK Gospel Music whose vocals are coveted in the mainstream secular music industry. Their previous recordings featured members of The Tabernacle Praise Team with some of the recordings recorded Live at The Tabernacle in Lewisham South London pastored by Pastor Mike White.

Zoe Records digs into its archive to celebrate and release the great music made by great UK Gospel artists who have gone ahead of us to pave the way.

If you love artists and groups like Sound of Blackness, Sisters with Voices, Bebe and Cece Winans, Cece Winans and Stephanie Mills you should love this group!.


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