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Alive City releases brand new single ‘Missing Piece (Ft. QuasarPro)’

'Missing Piece' is an upbeat, fun song that started in a covid-era writing session with Jonathan Gamble from Capitol CMG. Lyrically, it tackles the issue of humility, and says that no matter how much I think I can accomplish on my own, God is the only One who can truly fill my missing piece. QuasarPro, a young artist we are developing, features on the song and brings a surprising, modern, SoundCloud-rapper twist. We are shooting a fun music video and have been playing it live - it's a fan favorite!

Fronted by brother-sister duo Zachary and Madalyn Schossau, Alive City is comprised of

childhood friends Johnny McCormick (keys/vocals), Bryce Wahl (drums/vocals), Noah Shpak (electric guitar) and Alton Rogers (bass). They didn’t necessarily seek to make Alive City a fully in-house endeavor, but over the course of time, the band realized it was fully capable of not only writing and performing their music, but they also had a penchant for producing it on their own as well. The band met in church, have a passion for ministry, and believe that Christian music can change lives. ALIVE CITY is unashamedly a worship movement.

“We want to create music for the modern church. We want the church to have great music that causes people to take notice of Jesus. More than just singing songs about Him; we want people to love Him and follow Him completely. We want to celebrate Jesus. We want to partner with The Church anywhere and everywhere we can.” - Zach

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